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B E R T A  M A N E V I C H


So glad you stopped by! Berta Manevich is a multifaceted actress. She is fluent in Russian (spoken and written), loves ballroom dancing including Waltz, Foxtrot and her absolute favorite... Salsa! She loves traveling, hiking and dabbles in photography.


Currently finishing her Masters in Screen Acting through Oklahoma City University, Berta is honing her on camera training in London at  Goldsmiths, University of London.   

Berta also holds a BA in Theatre and Russian Studies from Central Washington University. Her credits include multiple leading roles in short films, including a West Sound Film Festival selection, Dinner. Her theatre credits include Miep Gies in the Diary of Anne Frank, Christine in the production of Picnic by William Inge, Cassandra Featherstone in The Safeguard Society and Ella in a theatre series of Playwriting from Scratch; Black Water and many more.

Please feel free to send Berta a message on the contact page, she would love to hear from you!

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"Being an actor I have the privilege and unique position of being a part of someone's life while discovering what it means to be human. Seeing our lives reflected on stage or screen through characters triumphing over struggles, fighting for their aspirations, being vulnerable, learning to deal with loss, and experiencing great joy, helps us as people understand our own lives that much better. We feel understood and less lonely observing similar struggles while getting a glimpse into overcoming them. Art mirrors life and life inspires our art; it connects us and gives us the freedom to feel. Through the art of character exploration I get to see the world from a different perspective; embodying someone else's point of view and journey makes me a better, more understanding, and open-minded person. My characters’ wants mold into what I’m fighting for and what stands in their way becomes a barrier for me to overcome. I get to explore what it means to be human through someone else's eyes and imperfections, while the audience comes along for the ride, reflecting on their lives in the process; and to me, that is a beautiful thing." 


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